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    Minecraft Education Edition provides free computer science activities and lessons, in particular interactive puzzles and games. It is used by millions of students globally from young to old, and some of the activities are translated in over 45 languages.
    Civilization is perhaps the most well-known example of a fun game used widely for educational purposes (rather than the other way around, an educational game with fun elements). Civilization II download option 1 Civilization II download option 2 Wikipedia  
    The Incredible Machine is a very popular puzzle game from the 1990s that tests your engineering skills and ingenuity. Solve "machine puzzles" through inventive use of different objects to achieve a simple task.
    The fourth game in Sierra’s famous King’s Quest series, released in 1988, is the very first adventure game with a female protagonist (hero). It is also one of the first games with a female hero across any game genre. The role taken on by the player is that of Princess Rosella, daughter of King Graham...
    Warlords II is a turn-based fantasy / strategy game. Use magic, armies, quests, diplomacy and increasingly powerful heroes to defeat the other players. The Deluxe version has the quite unique feature of allowing you to design your own maps. Even character and castle designs can be edited should you wish. Download option 1 | Download...
    SimCity 2000 is a city-building simulation Download it for free | Strategy guide | construction guide | Wikipedia Age and difficulty: This is a game for all ages, and there is no violence (unless you count natural disasters destroying your city, which can be turned off). Children ages 8 and below will probably need considerable guidance to learn...
    Master of Orion 2 - learn about space, learn problem solving, research, prioritization, diplomacy
    Prodigy is a free math game set in a fantasy world, used by over 50 million students worldwide. It has a built-in mathematics curriculum that is geared toward elementary and middle school students.
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