Sim City 2000

About Sim City 2000

SimCity 2000 is a city-building simulation

Age and difficulty: This is a game for all ages, and there is no violence (unless you count natural disasters destroying your city, which can be turned off). Children ages 8 and below will probably need considerable guidance to learn how to play it, and will find it very challenging to create a successful city.

Quick start instructions:

  1. The starting year you choose in the beginning determines the technologies available when you start. For example, Nuclear Power only becomes available in 1955.
  2. The first step is to create a power plant. The icons in the top left are the construction options. Click and hold the electricity icon (i.e. without releasing the mouse button), until you see a dropdown menu with the power plant option which you need to click. You can similarly click and hold other icons to get more options.
  3. Roads are what you need next, but don’t build too many as they create traffic and cause pollution. The (maximum) recommended distance between roads is 6 tiles – people will only walk max 3 tiles from a road. Place them efficiently to maximize the growth of your city and minimize traffic and pollutions. (Rails not recommended at least early game).
  4. Next, build a mix of Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Zones. As mentioned above, they should not be more than 3 tiles from a road. How many of each? The right balance can be found by looking at the mini bar chart below the building icons, with the letters R (Residential), C (Commercial) and I (Industrial). There are three bars, one for each. If the bar is above the letter, it means you need to build more of these; if below the letter, it means you have plenty.
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