The Incredible Machine

About The Incredible Machine

The Incredible Machine is a very popular spatial/physics puzzle game from the 1990s that tests your engineering skills and ingenuity. Players solve “machine puzzles” by creating “Rube Goldberg” machines. This requires inventive use of different machine parts and objects to achieve a simple task. For example, making a coffee and toast, or putting a ball into a box.

There is a large range of objects, a selection of which is available for each puzzle (with different objects each time). For example: bricks, sticks, ropes, pulleys, levers, switches, gears, swings, electric generators, lights, ropes, fans and even living animals.

Age and difficulty: While there is no violence, there are weapons and explosions in some of the levels. It can be enjoyed by all ages, and the tasks in the tutorial and early levels are quite simple. However, it does requires good mouse coordination to position objects in exactly the right place. Children age 8 and below will likely need guidance, at least in the initial stages of the game to understand the mechanics. However, with guidance, it can be enjoyed even by the youngest children.

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