We are a bunch of fans of old and new educational games, ranging in age from 4 to 40. Educated from pre-school to PhD in education, we try to give a fair view of the different games from our different perspectives. In our carefully curated collection, we feature only the best. And we have quite a different take on what is educational. A lot of games classified as ‘educational’ are not very stimulating. A lot of very stimulating games, requiring 21st century skills and thinking, are not typically classified as ‘educational’. On this website, we feature only games we think are truly educational, regardless of what category or genre they are typically placed in. We also flag games with female heroes (protagonists), of which there are too few unfortunately, especially for the older (dos) games.

Vacuum tube computerTube in EduTube is a nod to the old vacuum tube computers (similarly to Tube in YouTube referring to the old tube TVs. Many of the educational games on EduTube are older games, even pre-dating windows and playable using DropBox. The late 1980s and 1990s were a particularly rich and inventive time for educational games and games in general, with many new genres being invented, such as SimCity (the first Sim type game) and turn-based strategy games, sort of like interactive board games, but with potential for a lot more depth and complexity.


History of EduTube

EduTube was founded way back in 2008 (ancient history in technology years). It was one of the first website to systematically organise and categorise large numbers of educational videos – most of them from YouTube. Several other websites with similar intentions emerged. It was challenging though to keep up with the exponentially number of educational videos being produced. Then, the value add of such compilations declined, as education-specific YouTube channels emerged.

EduTube was reinvented as a free education games website as of 2021 to address a gap: there are so many great educational games out there which are 100% free to play, but no website which organised them systematically. The majority of children and their parents around the world cannot afford expensive subscriptions to education game websites and gamified learning platforms. This website is for them.

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