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The original focus of EduTube (2008-2021) was to categorize and embed free educational videos. As of 2021 we shifted the focus towards free educational games. This is first of all, because the number of educational videos has grown exponentially, and it is too large a task to even begin to organise and classify them. Back in 2008, this was still a somewhat manageable task! Secondly, it is now easier to find educational videos through video-sharing platforms such as YouTube, including through dedicated educational channels. Hence, the time is right to move on from this original concept.

The COVID-19 has put the spotlight on the digital divide and disparities in opportunities for learning from home. In this context, the idea emerged to morph EduTube into a website focusing on educational games with are 100% free, in particular (but not only) educational games which can run offline on very basic hardware. The aim is to equalise opportunities for learning through educational games, and to help direct you towards those which are most relevant according to age/grade, learning areas, and so on. Many of the games on this website require no Internet and can run on the oldest and most basic devices, such as Raspberry Pi and even smartphones.

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    time to change with changing times 🙂

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