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Rules and Policies

We actively welcome user submitted content. However, because EduTube is an educational website and its target audience includes children, we have strict acceptance criteria. In addition, EduTube distinguishes itself from other educational media sites by its emphasis on high quality educational content.

The following content is not accepted:

  • Explicit advertising (although previews are acceptable, for example a preview of an educational video);
  • Videos/podcasts with no educational value;
  • Videos/podcasts which are of low quality (i.e. in terms of production, for example the sound is not audible, or in terms of contents);
  • Mature content (swearing, violence and pornography);
  • Duplicate contents (videos or podcasts which already exists on EduTube, even though the classification, title, description or hosting website may be different);
  • Content that promotes hatred, violence, racial, or religious intolerance;
  • Content which includes personal contact information (for example, a person's phonenumber or address).

Note to advertisers: We receive a lot of submissions which market a product or a website - please do not waste your time as this content is not published and is removed immediately. There are many websites where you can advertise your products, but EduTube is not one of them.

EduTube moderators reserve the right to modify the title, classification and description of submissions if the title, classification or description do not match the content, or if they contain any of the prohibited contents listed (such as advertising). Classification includes any of the following: category, video type, tags, language, duration, educational level, copyright, group, submission date in hosting website, description and additional info.