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See video Keynote adding effects to images

How to add special effects to images in Keynote. Make your images come alive with special effects in the Inspector. Image transitions, timing and layering images to create special effects.

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See video Keynote removing a white background from an image

How to remove a white (or other color) background from an image in Keynote

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See video Khan Academy: SOPA and PIPA

An introduction to SOPA and PIPA and what they could end up enabling.

11:15 4096 5.88
See video Large Hadron Collider - Rap

A funny, entertaining rap explaining the purpose and functions of the Large Hadron Collider, the world's largest particle accelerator complex.

4:52 179 5.05
See video Let Manage Your Social Accounts with Social Media Dashboard

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See video Levitating Water Illusion

Strobe lights give the illusion that water droplets are floating up or down. They are actually multiple streams of water.

0:32 338 3.83
See video Lion and Mouse 12min

12 minutes long

12:02 190 0.00
See video Lion and Mouse 5min

Lion and King 5 min

5:05 7 0.00
See video Lubrication Pumps And Units

All Machines and automated products need proper maintenance and

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See video Mars 3D: Cahokia Panorama-Virtual Reality Astronomy Software

Video showing the 360-degree "Cahokia" VR panorama taken by the Mars Rover Spirit during its mission

1:34 4 2.50
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