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See video The Internet in 1969

A remarkable prediction of future technology back in 1969, when the PC did not even exist yet (the first PC was the Apple II in 1977).

1:57 846 5.88
See video The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) explained

An animation explaining how the Large Hadron Collider works. It is the largest and most complex scientific instrument ever built.

6:16 1204 5.77
See video The Machine Is Using Us - Web 2.0

A visual explanation / demonstration of Web 2.0 in less than five minutes.

4:33 722 5.40
See video The Secret Life of Machines: internal combustion engine

This 1990 video is part of TV series on the workings and history of machines. This episode focuses on the internal combustion engine.

25:55 25 4.50
See video The Year 2019 according to Microsoft

Envisioning the Future - Microsoft's Future Vision Montage. What will technology be like in 2019?

5:38 167 4.40
See video VariQuest Cold Laminator Training Video

Learn how to set-up and install supply in your Cold Laminator. Follow these easy steps to begin laminating, posters, banners, construction paper and more!

6:53 1 0.00
See video VariQuest Training Videos: Poster Maker Setup & Paper Installation

Learn how to setup the VariQuest Poster Maker and install paper.

4:00 1 0.00
See video VariQuest Training Videos: VariQuest Awards Maker - Creating an Award

Learn how to create a personalized award plaque or sticker with the VariQuest Awards Maker.

10:25 0.00
See video VariQuest Training Videos: VariQuest Awards Maker - Maintenance Tips

Learn how to maintain your school's Awards Maker.

2:52 0.00
See video VariQuest Training Videos: VariQuest Awards Maker Set-up & Supply Installation

Learn how to set-up the Awards Maker and load supply.

3:53 0.00
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