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A Solar System Adventure

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In St Kilda (Victoria), Australia, Scientists and artists combined to create a 1:1billion scale model of the Solar System.

In 2012 Emma Osborne and Steve Horman created this video, exploring the Solar System from this model, for the 3/4 grades at Bannockburn Primary School (Victoria), Australia.

This light-hearted and informative video brings details on every planet, the sun and Pluto (the most famous dwarf planet). This video is perfect as an introduction to the Solar System or to use as a detailed lesson based activity for each planet.

The soundtrack integrates the music of Holst's The Planets for each planet. Using Holst's Military Suite in Eb for The Sun and Earth. The music for Pluto is from Colin Matthews' piece Pluto: the Renwer.

Students of many schools across the Geelong region have viewed and enjoyed this video.

It's a great hook/tune-in for a lesson on the Solar System.