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The Philanthropist and his mayan empire Generosity board

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Generosity board (expression directly imported from the English terminology "embedded Giving") the youtube video of The Philanthropist and his mayan empire refers to the tools that provide citizens with opportunities donations grafted on their daily transactions. Generosity board provides opportunities for individuals to donate a few cents to a few euros from their pay, their electric bill, their receipt ... Easy, innovative and painless, it's called a strategy "push" or "nudge". The France lags behind in this area, but more and more initiatives are being targeted with those under 50 years (representing 28% of donors). Tools embedded demonstrate generosity abroad their potential collection. In Anglo-Saxon countries (UK, USA), but also in Central America (Mexico). They result in substantial collections: £ 100M in the UK for the gift payday ; 100 million pesos for el redondeo Mexico.  microDON is a pioneer in France's generosity board. Their implementation is still hampered by the inertia of the companies that fear of disrupting their process or their audiences. Catch strong voice for public authorities or recipient organizations should help remove these barriers.