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MEDEA Awards 2008: Five Little Ducks

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A video on making stop motion animations with pre-school children as a classroom activity.As an exercise in counting the numbers backwards, the children learned the nursery rhyme "5 little ducks", and they agreed to animate the ducks with great enthusiasm. A parent was invited to class to help the children with the modelling of the ducks. We discussed the background scene for the video clip and a picture from a big book was set up. We were ready to start the animation. The making of theanimation was educational in itself as the children had to count and find the matching numbers.

The resulting video was produced by Miriam Schembri of the Fgura Primary School, Malta and entered in the MEDEA Awards 2008. This interview was created as part of the MEDEA Awards 2008 showcases, to motivate other teachers, educational staff and also students and show them how good use of video in education is established.