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English vocabulary "Feeling happy" - How to Learn English EASILY

See video'Electrodoodle' Music By : Kevin Macleod you ever felt like describing you feelings to someone in English?  If you have had a problem with this, I hope this video can help.In this episode I will share with you some words that describe happy feelings. Upbeat:Upbeat is a positive word that describes happy, hopeful and cheerful feelings. To be upbeat means to think positive. If you are an upbeat person, when something bad happens you can still look on the bright side and remain cheerful.For example "Jessica is an upbeat person, she's still alright when people say bad things about her"Gleeful:Glee is a strong feeling of happiness, pleasure or satisfaction. You can use this word to describe the feeling when doing something that you enjoy or for when you are having lots of fun.For example "Jayda danced with glee when one of her favorite songs was played"  Rejuvenate:Rejuvenated is a word that describes feeling or looking happy and healthy again. Someone can look rejuvenated after being sick and getting better, or they can feel rejuvenated by an experience that makes them feel fresh and energetic again.For example "After my holiday in Spain I felt so rejuvenated!"Giddy:To be giddy means to be happy, playful and silly like small children.  It is almost like being a little bit over-excited and getting carried away by a happy experience.  For example, meeting a famous celebrity might make someone feel giddy.Radiant:The literal meaning of the word radiant is to send out light or heat.  For example the sun radiates heat and light.  In the context of people, radiant is a feeling of happiness, love and health that is so strong other people can feel it, just like the sun radiates light.  For example "Julie was radiant when she wore her new dress" or "Hannah looked radiant at her wedding"