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Cymatics: Geometric Sound Patterns

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An interesting experiment which shows sand on a vibrating metal plate forming various geometric patterns as a result of changing frequencies. Warning: it is a good idea to lower your volume before watching this video. The patterns you see are the result of sand collecting in the non-vibrating parts of the plate. These parts of the plate which are not vibrating are called node lines.Read more:



Dear Joel, I am not the

Dear Joel,
I am not the original creator of this video or experiment so I cannot help you unfortunately. But you can learn more about how to do carry out such an experiment by doing a Google search for - DIY Cymatics

(If you click on the video it will take you to the original video in YouTube, but that might also not be submitted by the original creator.)

Good luck and hope you succeed in putting this together.


Dear Harvey, I am interested

Dear Harvey,
I am interested in talking with anyone that put this experiment together. I am a highschool art teacher and have been working with the
physics teacher to attempt to put something like this together.

Is there a way that someone can contact me..