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Camel Spider

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These spiders can run up to 16 kilometers per hour (10 mph). They are not venomous.

"Solfugids or Windscorpion, are not technically spiders but belong to an order of arachnids known for their speed and their large, forward-pointing chelicerae, or biting fangs. They live in tropical or subtropical dry areas of the Americas, Asia, and Africa. Worldwide, there are about 900 known species of windscorpions, and in North America there are 120. They were the subject of the urban legend going around about soldiers in Iraq being chased and eaten by large spiders.

My friend safely caught a live Solfugid in Iraq on duty one night, he managed to string it down with strands from 550 cord, and then look at it closely, we also have hi-res pictures. These are not venomous, they are harmless however have very powerful jaws. After the Video the little jaws with legs was let go, and not fed to a lizard."

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