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The Basics in Maya Tutorial #1

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So in this tutorial I show you the basics of maya. What I mean by basics is that I show you how to move around the scene, I show you how to create objects, and I show you how to move, rotate, and scale set objects.      Hello everyone and welcome to this basic maya tutorial and what I mean by basic is that i am going to show you the basics. so welcome to the basics of maya. so any ways so if you first open up maya you'll most likely see this and i am going to teach you what to do. so if you hold down option and then you do right click it'll allow you rotate around the scene and as you can see by this cube we are rotating. if you hold down options again and you hold down the mouse wheel you can move it left and right. and then if you hold down options again and then do right click you'll move forward and back and then if you scroll wheel forward it'll zoom in and out. ok so thats like the basics of how to move around. Next lets start actually creating stuff if we go up to create polygon primitives and we can choose what ever we want i am personally go with a cube just drag on the grid and move it up and then if you click 5 it'll shade in cube so it wont be wire frame and if for some reason you do not see these menu like the create menu and such go over to this little drop box and go to polygons umm i think thats about it. oops i almost forgot to teach you guys how to move around the cube ok so if we go over here and press it we can now move our cube. next if we go over to here we can rotate our cube ooops yep on any axis with these three colored lines are how we move on the axis and if we go to here we can actually scale it or make it bigger or smaller and all of these do have hot keys w to move, e is to rotate, and r is to scale and q is just a selection tool so lets say for example we had a sphere we can go to selection and click on that so that's pretty much it for basic tutorial yeah thats about it ok I'll see you next time in whatever else i make and yeah good bye