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A defense of atheists. This video received the award for "Excellence in Humanist Communications" from the Harvard University Humanist Chaplaincy.

James Randi said this video was "very cool!"

Michael Shermer said it was "very impressive."

Penn & Teller said, "If a god existed, this video would make him wish he were dead."

Dan Barker (author of "Losing Faith in Faith") said it was "very creative and powerful" and that it "makes a GREAT point!"

Greg Epstein (the Humanist Chaplain of Harvard University) said "it's a wonderful video!"

Stephen Ulh (author of "Imagine No Superstition") said that this video was "just wonderful for the cause of atheism."

David Mills (author of "Atheist Universe") said "I am absolutely addicted to watching this fabulous video, which has almost instantly become a legend in the freethought community. Zak has created the most intellectually and emotionally powerful multimedia presentation I've ever seen endorsing the atheist position. This is a proud moment for all rational-minded people. Atheist books can have wide-reaching influence, but I strongly suspect that Zak's video will influence a much larger audience than any atheist book ever published. The first few times I watched this video, I literally had tears in my eyes by the end. The artistic talent and technical skills required to write and produce this video -- as well as its core message -- have made Zachary Kroger my newest freethought hero. I'm not surprised at the HUGE reaction Zak's video has generated."

This video (among others) was also mentioned in the November 4th New York Times article "God and Man on YouTube." said this was "the best video of 2006."

NOTE- It has been brought to my attention that Marlon Brando, Mark Twain and Thomas Edison are not atheists. I looked into it, and my original sources were wrong. Sorry.

You can download the song used in this video at (track 3)

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For a sound-bite culture

For a sound-bite culture this is a good service for education of the masses; one can only hope those who hate atheists and agnostics will bother to watch it, but I think real change in attitude will have to come from inside the Theist communities, just like men had to vote to allow women to vote after believing they were inherently inferior to men all those years. Also, one could phrase the definition of an atheist thus: one who BELIEVES there is no god, whereas an agnostic declares (s)he does not know, and therefore believes nothing either way; and in this sense atheists are closer to theists than agnostics are because both atheists and theists are convinced of something, so the act of lumping atheists with agnostics and calling them atheists is unfair to agnostics: better to call these groups together non-theists or something. But: one step at a time. Let's just get them (the Theists) to stop trying to rub us out first. What are they afraid of anyway?

Adam Klein