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See video Cómo insertar en moodle fórmulas matemáticas escritas en latex

En éste vídeo se muestra cómo se pueden insertar fórmulas y expresiones matemáticas en documentos de moodle y se hace una pequeña introducción a los comandos de latex más básicos con los que

4:52 2675 1.46
See video Staging Science 4:52 2675 1.42
See video Theatre: a collaborative art 4:52 2675 0.24
See video amphibians- poisonous dart frog 4:52 2675 0.24
See video amphibians- poisonous dart frog 4:52 2675 1.46
See video elemental composition of humans vs universe 4:52 2675 1.46
See video From Tree to Paper

Video showing how paper is made brought to you by The Office Supplies Supermarket

4:52 44172 1.46
See video Google on Google Chrome: Why a new web-browser?

The Google Chrome development team explain the features of Google Chrome and the reasons for having them.

4:50 1163 5.18
See video مجموع قيم زوايا المثلث - للتمرين 4:44 2 0.00
See video Beautiful Aquarium: Kuroshio Sea

Beautiful video footage of the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium in Japan, which is the second largest aquarium in the world. Whale sharks and manta rays are among the species kept

4:34 7690 2.27
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