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See video ceramic packages - Addison Engineering. 0:00 0.00
See video Cha Cha Slide

You can use the Cha Cha slide as a tool to teach your kids to follow directions, and also you can use it to teach them left and right. 

4:09 136 0.00
See video Chaîne de montage 0:00 0.00
See video Childhood Christmas 6:02 0.00
See video China

Fotos de China

2:58 0.00
See video Classroom Objects in Spanish 1:49 2 0.00
See video Cloud gravity waves

Gravity waves (not to be confused with gravitational waves) are waves generated at the interface between two media, for example the ripples created by a rock thrown into a pond. In the atmosphere, it is the result of air rising and sinking, gradually moving back towards its equilibrium point.

0:32 624 3.50
See video Color Orange!

Learn to identify the color orange in this fun colors video.

2:22 233 0.00
See video Color Yellow!

Learn the color yellow in this basic colors video for kids. Play a fun interactive color game.

3:29 206 0.00
See video Columbus

watch it and answer the questions

4:21 116 0.00
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