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See video Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Together: Part 5 of 10 0:00 4.50
See video Community Building through Educational Leadership

Preview of Principal Conversations, Issue 5 featuring Gabrielle Leigh and Caroline Springs College.

5:36 4.50
See video MEDEA Awards 2008: Artisancam

ArtisanCam is a free online resource that introduces children and their teachers to the world of contemporary art, and is designed to help teachers deliver a creative curriculum through a wide variety of interactive workshops and activities.

0:00 2 4.50
See video Describing the movement of atoms in a fun way

Famous physicist Prof. Richard Feynman shows his enthusiasm and joy for science, explaining the movement of atoms in a fun, imaginative and easy to follow way.

7:06 1 4.50
See video Ron Paul on slavery and the American Civil War

Ron Paul on Meet the Press talking about Abraham Lincoln, slavery and the American Civil War.

1:03 154 4.47
See video The First British Nuclear Bomb

Britain became the world's third nuclear power after successfully detonating an atomic device in October 1952. This video contains eyewitness accounts as well as impressive visuals of the destructive power of the H-Bomb.

6:21 249 4.40
See video HIV/AIDS - What is it? How do you get it? How is it treated?

HIV and AIDS explained through animations and interviews with experts.

10:33 45 4.33
See video Top entrepreneurs on how to start a successful business

Interviews with top entrepreneurs on how to start a successful business, including Simon Woodroffe (founder of the YO! Company).

4:05 9 4.33
See video Bruce Lee interview from 1971

An unedited 25 minute interview with Bruce Lee (1940-1973) on the Pierre Berton Show.

24:57 4.17
See video How to create an innovation mindset

Interview with Management Guru Vijay Govindarajan on how managers can stimulate innovation in their organization.

7:07 68 3.98
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