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Lions Educational Videos

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See video Animal Battle at Kruger National Park

An intense battle involving lions, crocodiles and buffaloes in Kruger National Park South Africa.

8:24 33783 4.64
See video Christian the lion - an emotional reunion with former caretakers

The touching story of Christian, a lion raised by humans who was released into the wild in Kenya and became the head of a pride of lions. Nine months later his former caretakers return to look for Christian and see if he still remembers them.

6:06 6257 4.31
See video Lioness swimming with Kevin Richardson - an unusual friendship

Animal behaviorist Kevin Richardson from South Africa has an unusual group of friends - lions. Through his unique relationship with lions he can get them to do unusual things, such as joining him for a swim.

2:10 984 3.98
See video Lions vs Hyena

Two male lions kill a hyena, but the task is not easy. This video demonstrates how tough hyenas are.

3:05 3160 3.61
See video Giant Liger: What Happens When You Mate a Tiger and a Lion

The liger is a rare hybrid cross between a male lion and a female tiger. They are the largest cats in the world.

1:21 720 3.36
See video Lions vs Elephants

The lions shows they remain the kings of the jungle. The elephant doesn't stand a chance.

6:11 1217 3.18
See video Lion attemps to climb a tree to catch a Baboon

A young lion tests his limits when trying to catch a baboon, but lions are not great climbers in spite of their claws. The baboon also has a little surprise for the lion...

3:02 74 2.37
See video Buffalo vs entire lion pride

African buffaloes are known for wounding and sometimes killing lions.

0:00 6127 2.20
See video Young Zebra Vs African Lioness

A young zebra surviving a lionness attack by almost drowning the attacker. Amazing footage.

2:48 2 0.50
See video Lion vs Warthog

A large adult warthog, a dangerous opponent, is attacked by a lion.

1:23 134 0.37
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