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Bears Educational Videos

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See video Knut the little polar bear

A compilation of cute videos and pictures of Knut, the famous polar bear born in captivity in Berlin Zoo.

7:41 1090 3.65
See video Male vs Female Grizzly Bear

A mother grizzly fearlessly defends her cubs against a male grizzly, saving their lives. Embedding disabled: Watch video on YouTube.

3:46 735 3.49
See video Starving Polar Bear / Ours Polaire Affamé

Footage of a starving polar bear - the shortage of ice is shrinking the hunting ground for polar bears. In French with English subtitles.

1:18 57 2.94
See video Black Bear vs Wolf Pack

A wolf pack manages to chase away a black bear.

1:37 798 2.43
See video Polar Bears skating on ice (BBC)

A polar bear cub playfully makes his way across a thin sea of ice, following the lead of his mother.

10:41 2.31
See video Polar bears playing with dogs

An usual sight: dogs and bears playing together.

2:18 5076 2.22
See video Troy Hurtubise's Anti Bear Armor

Demonstration of the invulnerable bear suit Troy Hurtubise invented to study wild grizzlies.

2:17 390 1.76
See video Polar Bear vs Walrus

The walrus is no match for the polar bear.

0:45 11005 1.71
See video Grizzly bear vs Caribou

A rare confrontation between a grizzly bear and a caribou ending up in a river.

0:00 2585 1.50
See video Mother Cougar vs Grizzly Bear

Agility vs strength: a female Cougar protects her cubs against an intruding grizzly bear.

1:49 1443 0.61
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