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See video Don't Quit

Sometimes, I used to think wat exactly is inspiration?

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See video Expect More Market Volatility, It Is Whipsaw Wednesday s

This morning, the S&P 500 Index e-mini futures (ES U1) are trading higher by 3.00 points to 1195.25 per contract.

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See video CB Conservation Scientist: Plans and Dreams

This is one of several videos depicting the work of crossing boundaries' conservation scientists.

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See video The Cornell Lab of Ornithology

An interview-style documentary describing the functions and value of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

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See video Fire and Ice Zen Den

Arctic waves crash into drifting Icebergs. Molten lava oozes from
craters into the Pacific. Feel the Earth breathe in this Fire and Ice
Zen Den.

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See video Simplicity

Travel to China to meet Calligraphy and Buddhist Master Fa Qing, who
explains the importance of simplicity to the Buddhist approach.

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See video Marsh Fork Elementary

Meet the children of Marsh Fork Elementary in Sundial, West Virginia.
The very coal mining that supports the community also threatens the
local students.

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See video The Bodh School of Jaipur

India is working hard to improve its education system, hoping to
eventually attain a 100% literacy rate nationwide. At the Bodh Shiksha

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See video Kochi

Much of the travel into the internal parts of the Indian coastal city of
Kochi is done by canoe on the city's intricate system of canals and

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See video Protest or Punches

In the Palestinian refugee camp of Baqa'a lives one of Jordan's greatest
athletes. "Faraj the Boxer" trains at the Baqa'a Boxing Club with other

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