Multiple Data File does not work

Hi Frank,


I am using StatPlanet Plus. I have some data in an excel sheet and it is working fine. But whenever I am trying to show data from another excel sheet of same format, it is not being linked somehow. I have put a different category at the bottom of current excel sheet and has put the name of the second excel sheet (e.g. StatPlanet_data_file2.xlsm) in the same row as category in the column 'File'.  But I cannot see even the category name in my MAP indicator list. It will be really helpful if you can help me to find a solution in this regard.


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Sankalita Mandal 

Hi Sankalita, Multiple files

Hi Sankalita,

Multiple files in fact refers to different data.csv files, not different Excel files or Excel sheets. So it's mainly just to split a large data.csv file into several files so it doesn't all have to be loaded in one go. There are some issues with multiple files in the latest StatPlanet which have been fixed for the upcoming version, so I would recommend waiting for the next release. This will also include some more detailed instructions for use. If you wish to reduce the file size you can also ZIP it (i.e.