Movie clip error in statplanet

Dear Andri,

I have downloaded .swf map file from and renamed it as map.swf and dropped in Custom_Flash_Map folder. When i click statplanet application i am getting below error

TypeError: Error #1034: Type Coercion failed: cannot convert flash.display::AVM1Movie@1d30b81 to flash.display.MovieClip.
at StatPlanet_2_fla::MainTimeline/loadCompleteMapSwf()

I dont have source file for those map. Is there any restriction in StatPlanet_Map_Maker_2.4? Cant i use .swf file ?

Please help on this ....


Dear Syed, The error

Dear Syed,

The error indicates that the .swf map you are trying to load was published using an old version of Adobe Flash prior to Adobe Flash CS3 (released in 2007). So unfortunately you cannot use this map unless you have the source file and can republish it using a newer version of Adobe Flash, which would be Adobe Flash CS3, CS4, CS5 or CS5.5.



Thanks for your reply Frank.

Thanks for your reply Frank. have very nice flash maps for all countries. I am looking for good flash map for india with state information. Please advice where can i get such kind of good flash maps with latest version of Adobe Flash.


Hi Syed, I am not aware of

Hi Syed,

I am not aware of any sources for country Flash maps, but you can get shapefile maps at:

To load this you would need StatPlanet Plus:
or StatPlanet Lite:

If you do a google search for shapefile maps India I am sure you could find more maps.