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French (Français) Educational Videos

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Coffee Break French

Learn French with teacher Mark and student Anna - we'll be guiding you through your journey in small, manageable steps.

Easy French Poetry Podcast

Using easy, everyday French words to explain French poetry, Camille will help you practice your understanding, develop your vocabulary and immerse yourself in French culture.

Learn French with daily podcasts

70 episodes

Learn French - FrenchPod

The modern way to learn French integrating free daily MP3 podcast lessons, a vibrant community of learners, online lesson review, vocabulary study tools and speaking practice

See video Language Equivalencies in Translation (English to: Quebec French vs. English to: France French)

Disney movies have been translated into sev

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See video Language Equivalencies in Translation (English to Quebec French vs. English to France French)

Disney movies have been translated into several languages. Regional diversity have led to both Quebec French and France French versions of many popular movies, including Aladdin.

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See video Chaîne de montage 0:00 0.00
See video French learning web series - Teaser

Teaser of French learning web series "Oh La La, Hollywood Speaks French!". Full series available at

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See video Numbers Song in French. Une Chanson des Chiffres.

Learn the numbers in French.

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See video Assistance Plombier 24h24

Commander notre site ici: http://As

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