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Hello Frank,I have defined 3 indicators but the bar in 2nd indicator (KPI2) does not move when selecting countries. It's static & lies at 100%. But 1st & 3rd indicator works fine. Please help.See data used below. YEAR INDICATOR SOURCE DESCRIPTION UNIT MAP GRAPH FILE OPTIONS TYPE Afghanistan Albania20 KPI1 Description % 0=[0x009900][97.9] 1=[0xffff33][92] 2=[0xff0000] [0x2171B5] 96.5 91.1 KPI2 Description % 0=[0x009900][90.9] 1=[0xffff33][86] 2=[0xff0000] [0x2171B5] 90.5 83 KPI3 Description % 0=[0x009900][80.9] 1=[0xffff33][78] 2=[0xff0000] [0x2171B5] 80.6 77.819 KPI1 95 95.6 KPI2 88.8 82.2 KPI3 77.5 75.4.Thanks/Don

Greetings, I am a project

I am a project editor with an educational publishing company in Quebec, Canada.
I would like to use "The Hubble Ultra Deep Field in 3D" video in material for our Grade 9 English as a Second Language students. Could you tell me if we can use this material in our textbook, since it is a for-profit project?
Could you also provide a telephone number or email address of someone at EduTube I could speak to about the videos in more detail?
This is a rather urgent request, so if I could be emailed at with this information, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.
Best wishes,
Nancy Schmidt

Hi Tariq, Did you use the

Hi Tariq,

Did you use the "%" sign in the data values? (the data values can only be numbers, so if it is formatted as percentage in Excel it needs to be converted into a regular number)? Also, putting '%' in the unit column might help. If this still doesn't work, you could send me the data file and I will check (contact details are on the StatPlanet website). I will be travelling the next few days with no Internet connectivity so may take a while to get back to you though.



Hi, This looks like an

This looks like an error: 2=[0xff0000][0x2171B5] (a color value is inserted instead of an actual value).

The easiest way to fix map legend colors is to customize them in StatPlanet Plus, right click and copy the legend (further details are in the User Guide).

I hope that helps,


Thanks Frank. Indeed I

Thanks Frank. Indeed I copied map legend colors as following, Indicator1 is 0=[0x009900][97.9] 1=[0xffff33][92] 2=[0xff0000], Indiactor2 is 0=[0x009900][90.9] 1=[0xffff33][86] 2=[0xff0000] & Indicator3 is 0=[0x009900][80.9] 1=[0xffff33][78] 2=[0xff0000] with right-click & the same values are used in data editor. And [0x2171B5] is used for graph legend (column H in data editor) for all 3 indicators. As I've mentioned, the 1st & 3rd indicators are correctly displaying the values including dynamic progress within indicator bar. But for indicator 2, the bar does not move dynamically. For example, if the value is 98.3% or 41.9%, the bar remains at 100%. Any idea why? Thanks-Tariq