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See video FEMA Trailers

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the U.S. Federal Emergency
Management Agency (FEMA) issued temporary housing in the form of

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See video Backwater

Kochi is the commercial hub of Kerala. Ruled by Indian princes
since 1102 BC, it became an important spice trading center on the

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See video Indian Craftspeople

Most of India's craftspeople live in extremely primitive
conditions and have been left behind by India's rapid industrial
development. Dastkar: A Society for Craftspeople aims to help

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See video Bengal Tigers

The Bengal tiger, a fierce predator and one of the strongest mammals on
the planet, is being slowly defeated by an ever-shrinking habitat and

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See video The Aarti

The Aarti Festival is held on the banks of the Ganga in Rishikesh.
People gather to celebrate the holy river through various religious
rituals, accompanied by songs and prayer.

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See video Kochi

Much of the travel into the internal parts of the Indian coastal city of
Kochi is done by canoe on the city's intricate system of canals and

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See video How to grip a pencil

This is a great video on how to show your student or child how to grip a pencil.

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See video FACS TGibbons

Thomas' FACS assignment.

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See video Columbus

watch it and answer the questions

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See video PerspectiveUnitClassDebate3

ELA classroom debate. Issue - dog fighting.

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