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See video Coding a Basic HTML Page (headers & paragraphs) 4:52 232090 1.46

Dobar dan, Ja sam Ivica Penić osnivač Mariviam Akademije Uspjeha, dobro došli na našu web stranicu.

4:55 0.00
See video We Have Skills! Listen: Social skills for school success 5:00 2 0.00
See video How is bacon made?

Watch the transformation of pork belly into packaged slices of bacon as it rolls from one conveyor belt to the other.

5:01 1024 4.79
See video How marbles are made

This episode of How It's Made first shows how regular marbles are produced in a factory.

5:01 69 4.63
See video Kokua Hawai'i Foundation

The Kokua Hawaii Foundation was founded by Jack Johnson and his wife
Kim, who wanted to share the importance of caring for the planet with

5:03 7 0.00
See video Photosynthesis

This animation shows the process of photosynthesis. Energy from light is absorbed by chlorophyll, exciting electrons which then pass through an electron transport chain.

5:04 529 5.25
See video Life in an Indian Slum - Shantaram author Gregory David Roberts - Part 2

In part two of this video, Shantaram author Gregory David Roberts talks about his time in prison.

5:06 41 4.34
See video Kiran Centre (Part 2)

At the Kiran Centre in Varanasi, India, children do not have
disabilities, but different abilities. By focusing on hope and growth,

5:06 1 0.00
See video Leopard saves a baby Baboon

A leopard's maternal instinct saves a baby baboon from a gruesome fate - being killed by a hyena.

5:08 1637 5.76
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