Different data.csv file after uploading web-folder online

Hi, I have strange problem when uploading web-folder- When offline, my map shows just as I want it to, but after uploading it online map changes to some example map of USA. The strage thing is this: when I look at the data.csv file from cpanel, it shows the same right data as offline. But when I download the file with browser from mydomain.net/web/data.csv it is the data of example map. Am I missing something, or is it some sort of licencing thing?

Anyway, otherwise the program is great!

Thanks in advance,

Nevermind, I solved it. Or

Nevermind, I solved it. Or maybe not solved, but got it working. Had to just do everything again, but now it works.

Hi, Glad to hear you


Glad to hear you resolved it. It could have been a cache issue where the browser was still reading the old data file from cache.



I am using

I am using StatPlanet_Map_Maker_2.4.