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See video Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Together: Part 2 of 10

Steve and Bill talk about the 1997 agreement between Apple and Microsoft; whether they think their companies are rivals today; the "Get a Mac" commericals; and iPods, Zunes and music. D/All Things Digital text.

9:49 808 5.89
See video VariQuest Training Videos: VariQuest Cutout Maker- Creating Cutouts & Manipulatives

Learn how to cutout shapes and manipulatives with the VariQuest Cutout Maker.

9:54 0.00
See video Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Together: Part 10 of 10

In the final segment of their joint interview, Bill and Steve field questions from the audience at D5. All Things Digital Text.

9:55 212 5.43
See video CompTIA A+ Video Training

220-701- A+ Essentials and 220-702- Practical Applications
20 hours with 32 Titles

9:57 3 0.00
See video Steve Jobs interview on CNBC

Steve Jobs interview on the iPhone.

10:00 298 5.23
See video Nikola Tesla - The Big Picture

Nikola Tesla was an inventor, pioneer and one of the greatest ever electrical engineers. This video is a tribute to his many contributions in the fields of electricity and magnetism. Nikola Tesla was an ethnic Serb, born in the territory of today's Croatia.

10:00 67 4.20
See video The Creative Classroom: Joel Josephson at TEDx

From the UK, Josephson is an innovative educator that wo

10:06 3 3.83
See video Concerns of Biometrics

Presentation on high security and the concerns with biometric technology.

10:08 2.83
See video VariQuest Training Videos: VariQuest Awards Maker - Creating an Award

Learn how to create a personalized award plaque or sticker with the VariQuest Awards Maker.

10:25 0.00
See video Khan Academy: SOPA and PIPA

An introduction to SOPA and PIPA and what they could end up enabling.

11:15 4096 5.88
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