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See video Company Name Fuzzy Matching Software & Tools

Fuzzy matching software is an essential tool for auditors and ev

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See video Fuzzy Match Account Name Matching Software

A decent account name matching software helps

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See video Online Company Name Matching Software

Company name matching software, through locating connections con

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See video My first C++ program, Part 1

Това са уроци за начинаещи в програмирането на C++, а за по-напредналите: SHARE on Facebook: https://www.face

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See video Урок "Програмиране на цикли чрез оператори for и while на C++".

За по-сложни цикли SHARE on Facebook:

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See video Цикли, основни понятия и терминология. Видове цикли.

Накратко са обяснени и дискутирани основните понятия и казуси свързани с програмирането на цикли.

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See video جريان الماء 0:00 0.00
See video Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Together: Part 5 of 10 0:00 4.50
See video How to create a database

Tutorial in creating a database and a data dictionary, using the example of a clothing boutique.

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See video Using online tools to provide relevant, authentic and timely assessment

A presentation on "Using online tools to provide relevant, authentic and timely assessment" by Hazel Owen and Helen Martin (Centre of Teaching and Learning Innovation).

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