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Psychology Educational Videos

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Brain functions
See video The Evolution Of Beauty (Dove)

Dove 'Evolution' is a riveting time-lapse film of a young woman's transformation from pretty, but ordinary girl to strikingly beautiful billboard model.

0:00 6.70
See video Autistic savant Stephen Wiltshire draws Rome from memory

Stephen Wiltshire from London, also known as 'the living camera', accurately draws a large, detailed panorama of Rome after only one 45 minute helicopter ride above the city.

0:00 5.96
See video Sarah Kruzan: Life in Prison Without Parole at Age 16

In the USA juveniles can be sentenced to life in prison. Sarah Kruzan's unfortunate childhood led her to commit murder - does she deserve a second chance at life?

0:00 5.42
See video Rock In The Classroom/ Little Stress Boy (Single)

Rock In The Classroom explores the psychological and physiological effects of stress on the human mind and body.

3:21 0.00
See video Rock In The Classroom/ Cognitive Behavior Therapy Song (Everything's Going To Be Okay)

This is the first in a series of songs exploring the use of music to help children acquire coping skills.

0:00 0.00
See video Rock In The Classroom / A Sacred Place (Child Abuse Prevention)

A Sacred Place is a song written for children who are healing from abuse. It is part of a series of songs that teach children emotional coping skills called Music Box Therapy.

0:00 0.00
See video colors matter 0:00 0.00
See video Rock In The Classroom/ Schizophrenia Blues

Rock In The Classroom explores the insanity of love and the politics of insanity while paying respect to the 1960's anti-psychiatry movement.

4:48 1 0.00
See video Rock In The Classroom/ Pavlov's Dog

Rock In The Classroom explores the dog-eat-dog world of Ivan Pavlov, classical conditioning, exposure therapy, and behaviorism. A cautionary tale about manipulating the mouth the bites you.

3:28 3 0.00
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