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See video Paella Party Catering In Hampshire

While you are looking Paella Catering for your gathering or occasion in Hampshire, you without a doubt need to give your guests more than only a tasty, nourishing, freshly cooked hot feast.

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See video Paella Party Catering In West Sussex

Paella party catering in West Sussex provided by Vamos paella will create each event special with tasty meals and dash of Mediterranean in rainy and cold UK.

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See video Paella Party Catering In Kent

Vamos paella has years of experience and brings the combination of the high-quality, Delicious food and 100-years-old recipes which will create all guests at your special event wish more.

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See video Paella Party Catering In Hertfordshire

Besides Hertfordshire, we provide food catering in London, Surrey, Kent, Hampshire, Hertfordshire and alternative places in Southern and Central European nation.

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See video Paella Parties On Social Events

Ready to surprise your guests and try something adventurous? Paella parties bring an international flair to your event and are sure to delight your guests.

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See video Flexible & Affordable Paella Party Themes

Flexibility is perhaps the most exceptional feature of a Vamos Paella Party event. Everything is transported from Vamos to the off-site location, from a secluded beach to a mountainside.

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See video Authentic Paella Catering Services

We can make Authentic Paella to any of your dietary needs, add and remove any ingredients as you require, we use the very best calasparra rice, chorizo, smoked paprika , sofrito and saffron strands

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See video Cold Cuts - Cuisine of the Arctic

A documentary about the culinary culture of the Inuit people which is high in protein and fat, and their tradition of hunting caribou, seal, walrus, polar bears, muskoxen and whales.

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See video Food Network: Community Supported Agriculture

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) offers a holistic approach to the production of sustainable food grown in urban areas.

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See video Cookin' with Coolio #5: Cool-A-Cado

How to make cool-a-cado stuffed avocado

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