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See video explore Water

The explore Team travels to India, China,
Costa Rica, and the Arctic to see the impact of humanity on the
planet's most important resource: water.

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See video Solar Home

Lacking a conventional power grid, Tibetan herders and farmers
use the sun's energy to power their homes. A $500 donation through the

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See video Backwater

Kochi is the commercial hub of Kerala. Ruled by Indian princes
since 1102 BC, it became an important spice trading center on the

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See video M.C. Mehta 1

M.C. Mehta is one of India's foremost environmental lawyers.
Mehta is a crusader for India's environment, leading the legal fight to

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See video CB Conservation Scientist: Plans and Dreams

This is one of several videos depicting the work of crossing boundaries' conservation scientists.

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See video The Cornell Lab of Ornithology

An interview-style documentary describing the functions and value of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

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See video Hawaiian Chanting

Standing on the rim of a volcano, local Hawaiians cast their voices over
the land with traditional chants, paying homage to the very force which
created the islands.

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See video Fire and Ice Zen Den

Arctic waves crash into drifting Icebergs. Molten lava oozes from
craters into the Pacific. Feel the Earth breathe in this Fire and Ice
Zen Den.

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See video Man on a Paddle

Hawaiian Archie Kalepa's mystical stand up paddle ride down the Grand
Canyon. A portal into the soul of the world's largest living cathedral.

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See video North Shore Community Land Trust

Hawaii's North Shore is one of the planet's precious pearls. Join
Charles Annenberg Weingarten as he visits the area covered by the North

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