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See video 15 year old from Malawi builds windmill using spare parts

William Kamkwamba, a school drop-out (his family couldn't afford the fees) who lives in a remote village with no electricity, built his family a windmill using bicycle parts and scrap materials. The young inventor only had a photograph in a primary school textbook on energy  to guide him.

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See video Bijur Delimon Lubrication Products

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See video Course on Emulsion Polymerization Processes


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See video Home - A documentary about planet Earth

Click here to watch in HD. A beautiful copyright free, non-profit documentary about planet earth, balance, climate change, melting glaciers, deforestation, energy and agriculture.

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See video How marbles are made

This episode of How It's Made first shows how regular marbles are produced in a factory.

5:01 69 4.63
See video How the Differential Gear works - 1930s video

An excellent engineering video on how the differential gear works in an automobile, allowing each of the driving wheels to rotate at different speeds. This was an important innovation for cars to be able to smoothly turn corners.

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See video Kingscott: Creating Possibilities


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See video Lube Pump Provides Vital Protection To Your Costly Equipment

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See video Lubrication Pumps For Single Or Centralized Lubrication System

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See video Proper Motor Lubrication Can Increase Productivity

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