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See video Onderwijs door de jaren

Veranderingen in het onderwijs

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See video 7. Nani Mine, Nani Nani (Greek) Lullaby 7 of 7

Nani Mine, Nani Nani (Greek) Lullaby from the Lullabies of Europe education project (see

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See video What is explore? It's about harmony

explore™ is a multimedia organization that champions the selfless acts

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See video Cyberbullying in the kitchen

"If you wouldn't say it in person, why say it online?"

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See video 4. Haia Haia, Little Bath (Romanian) Lullaby 4 of 7

Haia Haia, mica baia (Romanian) Lullaby from the Lullabies of Europe education project (see The lullabies collection consists of 35 lullabies in 7 European lang

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See video How to grip a pencil

This is a great video on how to show your student or child how to grip a pencil.

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See video FACS TGibbons

Thomas' FACS assignment.

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See video French learning web series - Teaser

Teaser of French learning web series "Oh La La, Hollywood Speaks French!". Full series available at

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See video Career as a Business Manager

Theology teachers teach various religious traditions and practices to determine how people experience faith.For More Information:

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See video Anwu School

Rural schools, where the vast majority of children in China
receive their primary education, are often below the standards of their

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