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See video How to make a Hoverboard Part 1

This video shows you how to build a hoverboard from scratch.

3:24 484 5.61
See video How to make a Hoverboard Part 2

In this video Jason tries to improve on the design from part 1, showing you how to design a hoverboard that hovers on water.

3:25 147 4.70
See video Powerpoint Tutorial

A quick tutorial on how to navigate the Microsoft Powerpoint software.

3:55 0.00
See video Rock In The Classroom / Moving Day

Rock In The Classroom rolls out the truck dolly for this musical guide to the moving process.

3:56 468468 0.00
See video How to: Make a Cut-Paper Portrait

By: HayaAinu

5:18 8 0.00
See video 15 year old from Malawi builds windmill using spare parts

William Kamkwamba, a school drop-out (his family couldn't afford the fees) who lives in a remote village with no electricity, built his family a windmill using bicycle parts and scrap materials. The young inventor only had a photograph in a primary school textbook on energy  to guide him.

6:08 246 5.41
See video DIY - How to Make a Zine; Paper, Scissors, Pen - Rockin!

Create a mini 8-page magazine. 

6:20 840 1.99
See video Paper flower making 6:44 15 0.00
See video Wordpress Plugin Installation Video Tutorial 7:17 0.00
See video How much food could you grow in your garden?

Judy Alexander demonstrates how she manages to grow an enormous amount and variety of food on her plot of land.

27:53 116 4.70
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