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Biology Educational Videos

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See video Los animales 4:26 50 0.00
See video Can fingerprints be forged?

This MythBusters video shows that fingerprint security systems can be beaten using gel fingerprints.

4:39 50 0.00
See video elemental composition of humans vs universe 4:52 2675 1.46
See video How to do a Monohybrid Cross

brief expenation of how to do a single trait cross.

4:52 113230 1.46
See video Respiratory System -Human Body 4:52 2675 1.46
See video Evolution explained

This video explains evolution and addresses common misconceptions, using clear examples and illustrations.

4:53 3 4.29
See video How Does Laser Eye Surgery Work?


4:56 9 0.00
See video Photosynthesis

This animation shows the process of photosynthesis. Energy from light is absorbed by chlorophyll, exciting electrons which then pass through an electron transport chain.

5:04 529 5.25
See video 3D Animation of HIV Replication

An animation showing the steps of HIV replication.

5:13 550 5.75
See video في جسمنا جهاز لهضم الطعام 5:45 56 4.52
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