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Anthropology Educational Videos

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See video Petra 2:44 1 4.50
See video China

Fotos de China

2:58 0.00
See video Documentaire West Afrika (Togo)

Korte documentaire over het leven in Togo.

3:24 3 4.50
See video How Australian Aboriginals created fire

An elder of an Australian aboriginal tribe demonstrates how to create "nature's secret fire" using sticks of wood. Fire was important not just for cooking, but also to stimulate growth of certain plant foods

3:43 155 5.15
See video Women at the Well

The fast-paced development projects that are turning Indian cities into modern metropolises are causing traditional wells to dry up, so many women - whose daily task is to collect water in jugs and br

4:52 20372 1.46
See video Did Aliens build the Pyramids? (3of3)

Part 3 of "Did Aliens build the Pyramids?"

5:06 162 4.70
See video هضم الطعام 5:45 57 0.00
See video Oasis of Peace

Problems arise when people simply do not understand one another. At the
community school in Neve Shalom-Wahat al-Salam - named in both Hebrew

5:46 1 0.00
See video Did Aliens build the Pyramids? (2of3)

Part 2 of "Did aliens build the pyramids?"

6:52 223 4.96
See video Kumu Kahua Theatre - Hawaii

The Kumu Kahua Theatre in Honolulu keeps alive the stories and culture of Hawaii through plays for, by and about the people of Hawaii.

7:08 4.50
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