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Anthropology Educational Videos

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See video A Place to Run To

When we think of the Arctic, we often think of global warming. But adeeper, darker issue plagues the region.

11:05 0.00
See video Arctic Wisdom 7:12 12 0.00
See video Arctic Yo-Yos 0:38 4 0.00
See video China

Fotos de China

2:58 0.00
See video Cold Cuts - Cuisine of the Arctic

A documentary about the culinary culture of the Inuit people which is high in protein and fat, and their tradition of hunting caribou, seal, walrus, polar bears, muskoxen and whales.

11:55 17 4.23
See video Did Aliens build the Pyramids? (1of3)

Highlights the pyramids and other inventions that illustrate the brilliance of ancient man - are they so brilliant that they could only have been built by aliens?

9:16 509 4.82
See video Did Aliens build the Pyramids? (2of3)

Part 2 of "Did aliens build the pyramids?"

6:52 223 4.96
See video Did Aliens build the Pyramids? (3of3)

Part 3 of "Did Aliens build the Pyramids?"

5:06 162 4.70
See video Documentaire West Afrika (Togo)

Korte documentaire over het leven in Togo.

3:24 3 4.50
See video Elongated Skulls Discovered in Russia

Elongated skulls similar to those found in South America have been discovered in Russia. Altering the shape of the head through head binding was also practiced by ancient Egyptians, Australian Aborigines and certain tribes of North American natives.

1:13 1090 2.96
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