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EduTube - Over 1000 educational videos categorized

A minor milestone has been reached at with over 1000 educational videos now categorized and organized. Thanks to all our contributors, as well as anonymous contributors, for making this happen!

1000 videos is a small fraction of all the free educational videos online. But only a very small fraction of online educational videos are of high quality and appealing to a wide audience. EduTube aims to categorize and organize the best - the "crème de la crème". The EduTube Top 100 educational videos represent the top videos on EduTube based on popularity, rating and educational value. This may be as close as one might get to a list of the best free educational videos that are online today.

For those who are more interested in fun, 'edutaining' videos, there is the Most Popular educational videos page. Some of these are less educational than others, but they can inspire you to learn more about various subjects.

The most popular section has several lists. You can watch the most popular educational videos All Time, or the most popular videos for specific years: 2008, 2007 and 2006 (it may seem like online educational videos have been around for years, but it is quite a recent phenomenon).

To provide you with some numbers on the popularity of these videos: the 100 most popular videos listed on this site are watched at least 1000 times per day on the video hosting site. The 40 most popular educational videos are watched at least 10 000 times a day. That might not compete with the likes of Madonna or Shakira, but it's an impressive number of viewers and shows how much interest educational videos can generate. Perhaps this is a hint for teachers on how to make their classes more interesting - use video!

Thank you for your contributions and for visiting EduTube.

- The EduTube team.


Its been good to know about

Its been good to know about this.. nice stuff..

Nice to know that there is a

Nice to know that there is a website that offers educational videos. Sensible and informative. Keep it up as I'll be looking forward for more videos to come.