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EduTube at BaKaFORUM 2010

I was at BakaFORUM recently to present EduTube - the Basel_Karlsruhe Forum on educational and societal TV and media. The presentation focused on EduTube's mission to organize and rank the best online educational videos.

It was a great opportunity to listen to and meet others working in the area of educational media, from organizations such as BBC, EdutubePlus and Teachers TV.

You can download my presentation here:

This image from the presentation tells you what EduTube is all about: mining YouTube for gold nuggets, the best educational videos, from amongst millions of videos.

Gold Pan

And this was one example used to illustrate the problem with finding educational videos on YouTube (the first search result for "biology"). Although YouTube's search has improved considerably, finding the educational gold nuggets can still be quite a challenge.

YouTube Educational Videos Search